Your words are deadly weapons;; Scatter my brains across the wall

We all bloom faster in an oncoming disaster;; And I will let this hurt.

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The names Leeanne.
I basically live for music;;
I play guitar, I sing, and I write.
concerts are the ultimate in happiness.
I mosh and crowdsurf.
photography is a perfected art.
I always have my camera with me.
at DDR I pretty much own.
snowboarding is absolute serenity.
Notre Dame Academy, much?
Varsity Basketball and Fieldhockey.
I can be a bitch or love you.
I don't change for anyone
So if you don't like me for me;; thats too bad.
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Speaking of love: my heart breaks easily.
but I adore the thought of love.
A boy who will serenade me deserves my heart.
I'm a flirt, but search for romance.
I go to camp Frank A. Day in the summer,
I love it &am 'homesick' while not there.
Without camp friends I would die.
Meat? no thanks. EVER.
I'm usually the center of attention.
I love my friends, endlessly&forever.

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